Heart Chakra Meditation

This meditation technique was focused on the Heart Chakra which is connected to your capacity for empathy, the intensity of which you can care for another person, your emotional openness, self-knowledge, self-reflective capacities and how peaceful you feel.
I am using a Rose Quartz LoveBug Chain and movements that encourage balance between our Devine feminine and Devine Masculine as well as giving and receiving love. I am presenting my heart to creation and before the sun for healing and nourishment. This meditation bought out my first love language which I learned honestly, as they say, manipulation. In order to heal and be amplified we have to be willing to see parts of ourselves that we may not know exist. This meditation created a release. I hope it is helpful to you.
I do not own the rights to this music
Music: India Arie Cracy
Meditation technique: LBuggie

For full routine do everything 3x3