Lapis Lazuli LoveBug Chain
Lapis Lazuli LoveBug Chain

Lapis Lazuli LoveBug Chain

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Lapis Lazuli

A royal stone,

-Alerts the wearer to spiritual attack and returns energy to source
-Harmonizes body, mind and spirit
-Increases self knowledge cellular healing
awesome assistant for truth seekers
-Encourages self love and relationship bonds
-Great for anxiety, depression, hormone balancing with the thyroid, thymus and the pineal gland
-Associated with strength, courage and wisdom
-This stone can be used to enhance your energy and sharpen your intuition
-Useful with all chakras but great for the third eye and the throat chakra

Lapis Lazuli has many other healing benefits and uses

No two stones are alike. All of LIO Movements stones are rough and raw

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